This website was set up so you can gain the knowledge about a really special breed which is the Old English Pocket Beagle. The registry was formed to protect and restore this endangered breed and is operated by Rachel Dailey and it members. All members of this registry have provided the correct paper work to show that they have true 100% Old English Pocket Beagles or have been inspected. All Members must uphold a great quality of care for there Pocket Beagles or there membership can be revoked at any time for not upholding great standards.  This web site was created in 2009. On this sit you can learn all about the The Old English Pocket Beagle. Hopefully you can find all the answers you are looking for here!


Welcome to The Old English Pocket Beagle Registry website.

Here at the Old English Pocket Beagle Registry we are proud to represent genuine Old English Pocket Beagles that are not inbreed with any other breed but true Old English Pocket Beagles. No mix breeding here at all  the quality shows.